Dr. Jorge Parrott

As Director of Missions for MorningStar/CM Missions I highly recommend Henk Kempers as a great man of God. Henk has a real heart of integrity, heart of the Father, and great love of Jesus for the people he ministers to in Curacao. Henk is faithful and hard working, honest, and has proven trustworthy the last 5 years I have known him. We strongly recommend Henk in his work serving the less fortunate, helping those with addictions and recovery, and offering hope and help to many people. He is accountable, teachable and always ready to help in a time of need. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 704-517-2557 for further questions. Respectfully,
Dr. Jorge Parrott, Ph.D. Director of Missions

Jaap Dieleman

Ik ken Henk nu zo’n tien jaar en zolang ik Henk ken heb ik hem zien ondernemen. Zelf komt hij uit de drugsscene en heeft net zo’n verleden als ikzelf, maar de Heer heeft Henk op zijn benen gezet. In Nederland heeft hij allerlei dingen opgezet zoals het werk voor de verslaafden in Oost-Nederland, landelijk platvorm voor ex-verlaafden en diverse andere initiatieven. Henk is een echte gangmaker wat dat betreft. Nu voelt Henk en ZIjn vrouw zich gedrongen om een nieuw werk te starten in de Antillen onder de verslaafden en de jongeren/gezinnen. Ik wil het werk van Henk en Joan Kempers en hun kinderen van harte bij uw aanbevelen.
Jaap Dieleman – St. de Heilbode

Steve Smith

The family Kempers are a special family dedicated to serving in God’s kingdom. After Henk’s radical conversion and deliverance from an abusive and addictive background, he’s dedicated his life to help others to meet the same Jesus who set him free. A radical pioneer with a heart of compassion for the addicted, Henk always has a word of encouragement and is full of fresh ideas to reach people with the two handed gospel of Christ. Henk is a networker uniting Christians across all denominational boundaries to get involved in making God’s kingdom relevant and accessible for the people in the most need. Not scared to take risks or to hand over his newly established projects to people of more experience, Henk and his family’s first priority is to follow Jesus, where ever He leads, whatever the sacrifice. Henk is an inspirational and unforgettable character, get to know him, and you’re in for a fun filled relationship, opening doors to new horizons.

Steve Smith – Director Impact World Tour Holland

Jop van der Bijl

To whom it may concern: We hereby state that we know Mr. Henk Kempers very well and we want to highly recommend him and his mission. He is truly a man of God and he has proved himself in the ministry. He is a gifted and anointed speaker and really has compassion for people trapped in addiction. He is fulfilling the call of God on his life with energy and integrity and I would encourage anyone to stand with him in the work that he is doing. On behalf of TRIN (Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations) and Mattheus van der Steen,
Jop van der Bijl – TRIN NL