1. Today in my car, a man addicted to cocaine for 15 years, gave his life to Jesus. When I told him that God wants to be his Father, he broke down. We’re going to meet regularly now, to build a relationship. Yes, to me this is discipleship.

2. The weekly discipleship training is fruitful. Next is a short testimony of Ichene, one of the men I’m discipling.

,,After one year of being clean of coke, weed and alcohol, I want to make a new start with my family. That is really hard because there’s family of my wife living on our property and we can’t send them away, because they’re family. They bring people along with them from the world I’m coming from. My wife has also given her life to Jesus in discipleship training. We also have five children living with us. We want to stand up as a family and live a beautiful future with God. So I want to ask the friends of Henk and Joan to pray for us, so we’ll have a home for ourselves. A house near Soto. I’m still working in the community centre where Henk’s office is, and I’m enjoying it.”

Yesterday, a young lady gave her life to Jesus Christ.
She also had a lot of back pain because of stress. She asked me to pray for that too, and the back pain and stress are gone.
Today I was talking about the freemasons with someone, and my grandpa was also there. I asked him: ,,Have you ever asked someone to pray for that, so that the spiritual world behind those freemasons can’t hold you anymore?” He said: ,,No, but can you pray for me? I’m starting to feel a bit strange.” Of course I prayed and after that he felt fine. My conclusion: JustGo4It!

3. Joan and me were drinking some coffee, we had a great time. God said to me: ,,I want to say something to the woman behind you.” I thought: yeah right, but that feeling didn’t go away. Eventually I went to the table where two ladies were talking to each other. I said: ,,I’m not a fortune teller but I’ve got this feeling about you, can I tell you what it is?” When I told her, her jaw dropped, everything was right, and it made her so happy! That’s what prophesying does. It was a great encouragement for her, and I was allowed to be a channel of His Love.

4. Joan works in the kitchen right now with the best cook of Curacao. His name is Mr. Pisas. At noon, food and clothing are distributed. It’s like a food bank for the people of Soto and the area. It’s organized by www.siloamvillage.org and they’ve been doing this for years. As you know we live with Siloam and we work together. The kids are playing and daddy’s going on right now cleaning the house. Have a great weekend everyone.

5. I’ve prophesied over several people today, and preached the gospel to two older ladies. I explained to them that Jesus isn’t the church, so today I was the church wherever I was. It was on a terrace and on the streets. It’s 24/7 and it just continues. Tomorrow I’ll be the church again wherever I’ll be.

6. Dear friends and family,
As you know, we came to Curacao four and a half years ago to support YWAM to build a home base. Unfortunately, Immigration Service didn’t grant residence permits for workers of YWAM and the director and his team left the island after three years. After a while of searching, ‘What to do now, how to do this’, it slowly became clear. We are living in Soto for two and a half years now and we’re working on the purpose that brought us here: to guide people with addictions, and disciple them, and help people in need.
Since 2001 (when we followed a DTS in Amsterdam), we’re following Morningstar and founder Rick Joyner. We love the way that the organisation deals with people, their passion for missions and it’s prophetical aspect. For a couple of years we’ve build a relationship with Jorge Parrott, director of mission of Morningstar. That relationship has grown in a natural way and they look at us as missionaries of their spiritual care. Their prayer teams pray for us daily and we get healthy feedback on questions. We’ve been invited as a family to come to North Carolina, USA, to get to know each other better. They also want to send teams to spiritually and emotionally support us.
Next are some words that Jorge Parrot wrote:
As Director of Missions for MorningStar/CM Missions, I highly recommend Henk Kempers as a great man of God. Henk has a real heart of integrity, and great love of Jesus for the people he ministers to in Curacao. Henk is faithful and hardworking, honest, and has proven trustworthy the last 5 years I have known him. We strongly recommend Henk in his work serving the less fortunate, helping those with addictions and recovery, and offering hope and help to many people. He is accountable, teachable and always ready to help in a time of need.
Feel free to contact me at
[email protected] or call 704-517-2557 for further questions.
Dr. Jorge Parrot, Ph.D.
Director of Missions
We’re really happy with the people of Morningstar and we appreciate their friendship and support!

7. ,,My body was a squat of evil forces. I’d been involved with ‘innocent’ psychics, tarot cards and occult movies like ‘The Exorcist’. I was also a serious heroin addict. When people on the street asked if I would choose for Jesus, the squatters started screaming from within and went violent.” Henk Kempers, of the foundation JustGo4It, is speaking. After a radical conversion, Henk works as a missionary at Curacao.
Kempers used soft and hard drugs, began hearing voices in his head and was in a psychiatric clinic in Raalte, Holland. He found himself involved in demonic forces – in punk scene. This had one major cause. ,,I was looking for negative forces because I didn’t get what I wanted: to hear from my father that he loved me. Neither did my mom ever say that. Now I know that it’s because they never learned it themselves. Hugs or saying loving things weren’t a part of them. They were from a generation after the war and show their love by doing nice things, like going to a playground.
Evangelism team


In that period that Henk didn’t listen to God or anyone, he met an evangelism team in Hengelo, Holland. The leader, Toon van Trier, said: ‘Wouldn’t you give God a chance?’ Henk had already tried that before, but that didn’t work out. ,,I was in the punk scene and said: ‘Go away with your Jesus’. But those voices were speaking up in me.” After a conversation, Henk realised that he didn’t have much to lose. ,,Perhaps I didn’t have to draw trees anymore with the psychiatrist.”
,,I didn’t really care for praying on the streets. It showed. I was pretty known in Hengelo.” Eventually they went to the car of the evangelists to pray. ,,One of the elders said: ‘If you don’t choose for something, it won’t happen.’ I suddenly thought: why not? And I decided to accept Jesus into my life.”
Heavenly military unit
,,But the squatters from within – that had been silent for a long time – revolted when I wanted to choose Jesus. They started to manifest themselves. ‘We won’t leave this body!’ they said. I had to say out loud: ‘Satan, I’m choosing for you to leave this property, because I’m in control of my own body.’ It was hard.” But the solution came quickly. ,,Suddenly the heavenly military unit came and forced their way into the property. The squatters were screaming because I had said ‘no’ to satan.”
It wasn’t easy. ,,After half an hour I wanted to grab a knife and stab the elder next to me. But I couldn’t. There was an invisible wall between us. They said: ‘Satan, get out in Jesus’ Name.’ It took one and a half hour to get the liar out and God’s love started filling me up. Those two worlds where a difference of day and night by the way.”
Collective prayer
,,When God touched me, I felt dirty. I smelled the stench and started crying like a little child.” The next day, Henk went to church, even though he didn’t really want to. When he was there, the next confrontation came up. He wanted to escape the church to get away from the songs about the blood of Jesus. Every time he got encouraged to stay and at the end of the service he decided to let people pray for him again.
,,I showed my hand because I wanted them to pray for me. The elder that had been praying for me the night before, said: ‘All children have to leave now.’ The adults remained and the whole church started praying out loud. I heard strange languages, they looked like Russian or Chinese. Something inside of me became really angry, but I surrendered. ‘Jesus, here I am’, I said. I fell backwards and started to manifest. People were holding me and someone was even sitting on top of me, and said: ‘Henk, you need to choose now, so the strong man who’s closing up everything from within, will leave.’ And then the heavenly military unit came back.
Reinhard Bonnke
,,They prayed for me for an hour and Christ has released me completely.” Everything changed. ,,’Henk, what happened to you? The dark look in your eyes is gone, you don’t swear’ addicted people asked me. ‘I met Jesus, I don’t need drugs anymore.’ They said: ‘We want that too’. I invited them in my house and put matrasses there, so they could stay over for a while.”
“I looked at videotapes of Reinhard Bonnke all day and I asked God: ‘Why are there miracles happening in Africa, but not here? Could You be so merciful to let that happen in my house? Because I see millions of people falling to the ground, being healed, being released from Voodoo. Can’t that happen in my house too?”
,,And it did happen in my house. In the living room. I spoke and people fell to the ground. Some stayed there for three hours and said: ‘It’s like an elephant is standing on top of me.’ But I knew what it was. God was operating on them, arresting them for His Kingdom. The only thing I did, was testifying and God did the miracles. People were released from drugs and alcohol and were aware of sins. About twenty people radically found Christ because God worked in them.”